The Garden of Earthly Delights is my attempt at an ongoing conversation about what it means to build a life full of meaning at a time when many of our most cherished meta-narratives are crumbling or have been abandoned.

What it means to work, to collaborate, to have friendships, to love, to have and raise children, to worship, to die - all are suddenly open questions. Our liberal frame sees this opening as a glittering opportunity, but it is also heavy with loss.

This Substack is my attempt at making peace with what we’ve lost, what we’ve gained, and what we can recover.

Who am I?

My name is Alex, I am a wife and mother of (soon) two, from and living in Transylvania, Romania. I’ve been writing for over ten years now and have been published in various places, including the New York Post, the American Mind, the American Conservative, IM1776, and a myriad of little, forgotten blogs. I’m also the host of the Subversive Podcast, a podcast for the outcast, which seeks to collect some of the most challenging conversations for our current order, be it on genetics, immigration, crime, sexuality, family, or any other of the many third rails that tolerance as our cardinal virtue has left in its wake.

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Alex is a writer and podcaster, mom and wife from Romania.