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Bryan Caplan - Don't doom yourself.

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Bryan Caplan - Don't doom yourself.

My conversation with the very pragmatic professor, author and father of 4, Bryan Caplan on affordable housing, internet-induced distress and the beauty and challenges of having children.

Our conversation explores the topic of housing and its influence on people's lives, the supply and demand dynamics of the housing market, the problem of expanding housing supply and preserving cultural values, the impact of immigration on housing demand, the effect of open borders on non-college educated workers, negativity bias in the news, the role of the internet in shaping cultural conversations, the impact of screens and technology on children and more.

Bryan Caplan is an economist and author. A professor of economics at George Mason University, a research fellow at the Mercatus Center, and an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. He publishes his own blog on Substack, which I highly recommend, Bet on It.


00:00 The Exorbitant Cost of Housing

02:01 Government Regulation and Housing Prices

04:14 Expanding Housing Supply and Cultural Values

06:39 Deregulation and Open Borders

10:55 The Internet and the Negativity Bias

45:05 Nature vs. Nurture and Parenting

48:26 The Impact of Screens and Technology on Children

54:39 Choosing Coping Strategies and Individual Responsibility

01:06:09 Underrated Thinkers

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