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Adam Van Buskirk (@Empty_America) - The strange 21st century

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Adam Van Buskirk (@Empty_America) - The strange 21st century

A conversation on the recent past, the confusing present and the looming threat of the future.

I speak with Adam about the concept of collapse and the various theories surrounding it, the likelihood of nuclear war as a primary cause of collapse, and the adaptability of complex systems. We also touch on the desire for revolution and the disconnect between online narratives and the real world. The conversation delves into the yearning for a different way of life and the challenges of escaping modernity, the impact of urbanization, immigration, and comparative advantage in different countries, the complexities of development, and the interconnectedness of the world. Our conversation also explores the crisis of competence in modern society and the decline of certain industries and professions, the perception that young people are checked out and not interested in high-status jobs, as well as the potential lack of competence in certain skilled trades.

Adam Van Buskirk is a writer and knife craftsman who has written for Palladium

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00:00 Exploring the Concept of Collapse and Theories Surrounding It

09:17 The Likelihood of Nuclear War as a Primary Cause of Collapse

14:04 The Durability and Adaptability of Complex Systems

24:28 The Yearning for a Different Way of Life and the Challenges of Escaping Modernity

30:44 The Impact of Urbanization, Immigration, and Comparative Advantage

37:15 The Complexities of Development and the Interconnectedness of the World

45:09 The Crisis of Competence and the Decline of Industries

52:13 The Modern Caesar: Power and Dominance over Global Elites

01:04:34 The Decline of Adult Nightlife and the Retreat Indoors

01:10:39 The Pacification of Society: Increased Sensitivity and Decreased Tolerance

01:22:34 Reassessing the Ideas of Past Thinkers

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