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I was never happier and had more meaning in my life than when my kids were young...

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This recent “niche shift” of sorts from hardcore Dissident content to more “how to enjoy life as the world goes crazy” style work has been really good for this podcast, I think.

As a listener (and as a fellow member of the “culturally exiled to the European hinterlands”) who is currently planning their first child while still being heavily red-pilled on the stuff we regularly discuss in this space - the recent interviews / questions are a welcome respite from the daily Twitter wars (Covfefe vs. MartyrMade this week, Hanania vs. the Dissidents etc.) that, while sometimes informative, are increasingly “useless” for those of us who want to have some kind of traditional future.

So this podcast was pleasant and “adult-facing”, and I applaud Alex and Tara for providing a non-normie but wholly mature convo, and most of all... a somewhat hopeful future that says that “a stable, happy, non-toxic home life IS possible” even as the West continues to commit seppuku.

Cheers for that and long may it continue!

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Excellent podcast Alex!

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Conversations like this one and those you conducted with Mary Harrington, Peachy Keenan, Helen Roy etc should be mandatory for all women.

The sheer joy of motherhood emanates from each of you.

This was no exception and I was delighted to hear Tara extol the virtues of ‘Hold onto Your Kids’ which is, by far, the most influential parenting book I have read.

The most relevant summary I have found, which I continue to reference, is:

“The root of the problem is that children no longer look to adults for emotional support, the teaching of values, or the modeling of behavior. Peer orientation refers to the tendency of children and youth to look to their peers for direction: for their sense of right and wrong, codes of conduct, and their very identity. Peer orientation undermines family cohesion, sabotages healthy development and fosters an aggressive and prematurely sexualized youth culture. For parents already challenged by the demands of our multitasking world and stretched by stark economic realities, peer orientation further complicates the task of child rearing. Children were never meant by nature to be in a position where they are so dominant in influencing one another. This state of affairs may be the norm today, but it’s neither natural nor healthy. Historically it is a very new development, due to economic and social influences prevalent since World War II, resulting in a deep undermining of adult-child connections.”

The wisdom and advise contained in the book has shaped and informed our parenting style more than anything else and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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