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Charlie Peters: Hopeless Decades for the UK's Lost Girls

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Charlie Peters: Hopeless Decades for the UK's Lost Girls

The early release of my chat with journalist and documentary film maker Charlie Peters on the silent plight of thousands of forgotten girls in the UK

We speak about the decades-long fight of a handful of dedicated public servants to blow the cover off a scandal of epic proportions. Associated with places like Rotherham, Telford, and wider Oxfordshire, the mass rape of young girls by grooming gangs of mostly Pakistani origin has been covered up by every institution that existed to protect women and children. This seemed like the price to pay for social cohesion.

I speak with Charlie about the following and more:

How big the scale of this scandal is

The motivations of the perpetrators

The police in the UK - an anarcho-tyrannical superpower

Using new tech to intimidate victims

Administration insiders covering for perpetrators

Girls as young as 12 were judged for making “lifestyle choices”

Charlie Peters is a writer and broadcaster from London who works for GBNews.

His most recent documentary is Grooming Gangs: Britain's Shame. It is available for free and is very much worth your time.

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