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Anatoly Karlin - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GAE

Anatoly Karlin - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GAE

A conversation on Anatoly's sudden political evolution away from the rightoids.

This is Anatoly’s second appearance on the podcast, and represents quite a clear departure from his Russian Nationalist stance from 2022.

We discuss the following:

00:00 Introduction and Background

02:09 Anatoly's Shift in Perspective

07:08 Disillusionment with Right-Wing Politics

10:26 Positive Developments in Russia

12:43 Putinism and Political Degradation

15:19 The Decline of the Intellectual Space

22:12 Creating a Counter Elite

25:32 Hostile Sexism and Decline of the Space

30:50 The Decline of the Manosphere

37:12 The Idea of Immigration and Open Borders

46:00 The Potential of Network States

51:26 Challenges and Concerns with Network States

57:38 The Rise of Digital Nomadism and Network States

01:01:18 The Impact of Network States on Natalism

01:02:40 The Importance of Natalism and AI

01:03:37 The Need for Genetic Technologies

01:04:11 Reversing Dysgenic Trends

01:06:03 The Future of Reproductive Technologies

01:07:01 The Role of Natalism in Economic Growth

01:08:29 Practical Solutions for Natalism

01:10:48 The Ineffectiveness of Traditionalist Solutions

01:11:17 The Potential of Reproductive Genetic Technologies

01:12:44 The Political Landscape of HBD

01:13:14 The Commercial Availability of Reproductive Genetic Technologies

01:16:27 The Future of Family Structures

01:17:47 The Spiritual Experience of Pregnancy and Childbirth

01:18:55 The Delegation of Biological Functions

01:19:26 The Weight of Femininity and Delegating Biological Functions

01:21:28 The Relationship Between HBD and Wokeness

01:22:38 The Reckoning with HBD

01:25:17 The Increasing Evidence for HBD

01:27:13 The Impact of Reproductive Genetic Technologies on HBD

01:29:37 The Importance of Normalizing HBD

01:30:06 The Relationship Between Intelligence and Solving Other Problems

01:33:08 Recommended Thinkers

Anatoly Karlin is a writer and technologist who writes at

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